This feature allows players to change their name on RuneScape and begin tracking XP with their new display name without losing all of their old name's data points. All data points and records will be retained and be transferred to your new display name. After you submit your name change request, the name change may be approved automatically. If not, be patient. Your name change request will have to be manually approved.



*Optional. Want to improve the site by submitting name changes for other players? Type your RSN into this text box and we will keep track of how many name changes you submit. Click here to find names to change. Click here to view a list of the players whom have submitted the most name changes.

Recent name change requests (approved, denied, pending):
Forex Forex -> Saint Turbo (28m57s) - Requested by Saint Turbo
Wgwgvvgwgwg -> Wgwgwgwwgwgw (44m4s)
Pashmina -> Kyut (1h4m13s)
Uitm8 -> New Name (1h9m12s)
Uitm8 -> Mi T Ch (1h10m31s)
Gone Brazy -> I Got A Thot (1h55m20s) - Requested by La Forge
Devil Nayeon -> Burntiron69 (1h57m8s) - Requested by Sohrac
21 Izvinite -> Devil Nayeon (1h59m45s) - Requested by Sohrac
Rd Altscape -> Play For Ehp (2h22s) - Requested by Sohrac
S T Y L E -> Andre Mico (2h40m36s)
Shinycrobat -> Shinypidgeot (3h14m24s) - Requested by Shinypidgeot
Fesilver -> Silvarea Fe (4h3m2s) - Requested by Silvarea
Fe Life -> Swheet (4h9m19s)
Caamp -> Dog Petter69 (4h25m59s) - Requested by Me
Upset Titan -> Sex Machina (5h28m49s)
Wikipoodia -> Panda Milk (5h28m55s)
F Nick D -> Auqa Man (5h51m42s)
Bromagic -> Bro Gay Elf (6h2m47s) - Requested by Bro Gay Elf
Innerdweeb -> Rnglands (6h29m16s)
Dipshit Ashy -> L Udens (7h6m14s)
Sm0k3 Kush94 -> B0ng T0k3r94 (7h26m14s)
My 43rd Hc -> User 43 (7h38m39s)
Phz -> Kamio (8h27m2s)
Not Dll -> Maxingbtw (8h32m54s) - Requested by Maxingtw
Okke -> 0x0000000000 (8h35m32s)
Lron Guy -> Yugu (8h43m6s)
K 10 -> Fe Lyne (9h21m30s) - Requested by Fe Lyne
Kuopiooo -> Bybthetwayw (9h34m41s)
Biddasweet -> Autist Grind (9h39m45s)
Fiduci -> Never Lucy (9h43m40s)

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